Saturday, February 28, 2009


This blog is just about the hustle-bustle going in my mind very often.things keep moving very smoothly but suddenly there are sudden mood bursts and u get irritated at small petty things,things that are of no importance.If there are small ups and down in life we feel that all the worst things happen with `u` only,but the matter of fact being thats the part and parcel of everybody`s life but u don`t want it to happen to u b`coz u are putting in efforts to get the results .U pray to god and when things don`t turn out the way u want them to , u blame the whole world around u and u don`t even spare GOD .But thats not the way to deal with the toughest times ,u just need to look around and see that people are surrounded and even drowned with problems but still they strive hard to combat it. May be that sumtimes our efforts don`t walk the right path that we intend them to or else its DESTINY. Destiny,does this word really exists or it is the way to console ur defeated or victimised self. Well certain things have no explaination.Let me give n no. of justifications but the fact is everyone wants that efforts should land up into fruitful results and if it doesn`t happen we are hurt,feel bad,curse our fate,blame god that why this happens only with ME.This is what i will feel if i fail to achieve what i desire.So its easy to teach but difficult to follow.

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  1. Di, Welcum to blogosphere...Nyc post to start with...

    Adding ur blog to my blog roll..